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Healthy Holidays with Intuitive Eating

Updated: Dec 12, 2021

If you're living with feelings of anxiety, guilt, shame, or any other forms of distress around food or your weight, it's understandable if you're not looking forward to the upcoming holidays.

To the big family gatherings.

To the buffet meals.

To the trays of cookies.

To the boxes of chocolate.

To the chatter about all the calories in this food and the carbohydrates in that food.

To the vows to start a new diet when January rolls around.


So why not give yourself an early holiday gift — the gift of Intuitive Eating? If you're not familiar with Intuitive Eating, it's an approach to cultivating health by listening to and honouring your body. You deserve freedom from negative thoughts and feelings that are keeping you from establishing peaceful relationships with food and your body and fully experiencing the joys of this time of year.

Learn more about practicing Intuitive Eating during the holidays with my free guide.

I wish you a happy, healthy holiday season.


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