I offer nutrition counselling services to older teens and adults. 

Areas in which I can  support and guide you include:

  • Recovering from disordered eating or an eating disorder  (anorexia, bulimia, binge-eating, orthorexia, avoidant/restrictive food intake disorder)

  • Breaking out of the dieting cycle

  • Dealing with weight concerns

  • Eating well while living with a mental health condition

  • Eating well during pregnancy

  • Adopting a plant-based (vegetarian, vegan) diet 

  • Making sustainable nutrition behaviour changes

My service approach is founded on the principles of Health At Every Size®, and I am a proponent of intuitive and mindful eating.

Counselling Rates

Initial assessment (60 minutes)


Follow-up session (30 - 60 minutes)

$60 - $100

I see clients at The Medical Station, a multidisciplinary clinic located at 545 Wilson Avenue in Toronto. For clients' convenience, the clinic offers on-line appointment booking. If you are ready to schedule an appointment with me, you may do so at The Medical Station's website. 


If you have private health insurance, your  benefits plan may include coverage for dietetic services – be sure to check! Direct billing is available through Telus eClaims. Find a list of participating insurers here